This is your starting point for you and your club.

We want to keep you informed so let us know who you are, where you play and who your club coach is.


Junior County Committee



County Coach

Peter Billson is the county Junior Coach.


Here's what we run:


1. County Junior Championships, once a year in September

2. County Junior Grand Prix for all ages and abilities. Once a month during the season.

3. County training for the top Boys and Girls

4. County training for Boys and Girls aiming to progress to the top groups. We call this transitional squads

5. County training for Boys and Girls aiming to progress to the top two groups. We call this potential squads.

6. Teams for boys and Girls in the Inter County Championships

7. Teams for Boys and Girls in the Northern Cup


From the top groups there are pathways to regional and national training. We will tell you more about that when you are training with us.


Your starting point every season is to enter the Grand Prix each month and to enter Championships.  You enter the Grand Prix by sending an email to Peter. he will then see you play and invite you to one of his training sessions.


Grand Prix rules


Contact Peter here


Junior Committee


From all of the above you can see that there is a lot to organise and the County  Coach is assisted by Andy and Pauline Hall on a  junior Committee If your parents would like to help in any way can you ask them to contact Pauline.


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