The Cheshire Grand Prix is for all Cheshire Junior players regardless of standard.

The County coach will determine the groups at each event and you will have a number of matches to play.

Each group will normally play a Round Robin tournament. Results are recorded and points awarded.

Try to enter as many of the events as you can.


  • The Grand Prix circuit is a great way to experience competitive squash.
  • It is a series of up to 8 events throughout the year at different venues.
  • It gives experience of match play, tournament structure and refereeing.
  • It is open to all juniors, grouped by ability, not age or gender.


All events are timed for 1pm - 4pm



All games will be the best of 3 games and it is a lot of fun for all boys and girls.  Your best 5 finishing scores will be used to determine your position overall.  Prizes are awarded on the day and for the overall competition.  All abilities are VERY welcome.


To enter please:  E-mail Peter Billson on with your:


• Name:

• Age:

• Club:

and the words GRAND PRIX ENTRY.


All entries must be received by e-mail the Friday night before each Grand Prix.

The cost for each Grand Prix Event will be £10, this has to be paid on arrival. Also on your first event you will have to pay £5 to cover the cost of your Grand Prix T Shirt.


How it Works


1. Everyone will be put into a division based on playing standard

2. Everyone will play everyone in their division, scoring system to be decided on the day to suit no. of competitors.

3. Game score will be entered into results table, the person with the highest score wins.  In the event of a tie it will go down to who won in their particular match.

4. Medals will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place with all division winners receiving a prize.

5. Whoever finishes 1st in their group will receive 10 points towards their overall Grand Prix total. 2nd 9 points, 3rd 8 points and so on and so on.  At the end of the Grand Prix Season your best 5 scores will be divided by 5 and whoever has the highest average will be the winner.  In the event of a tie, the competitors average division participation whilst gaining the 5 scores will be taken into account with the highest winning.

6. Trophies and rackets will be awarded at the end of the season for several categories, please see below:

    GrandPrix Winner, GrandPrix Runner Up, Most Improved Player,

     Sportsmanship Award

7. All players will be expected to referee, adults will be on hand to  help.

8. All Players must follow the player code of conduct, rule breaks will be penalised.



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