Cheshire Over 55’s Report April2012


Cheshire Over 55’s hosted the Stage 2, Division 1 Promotion group at Crewe Vagrants Squash Club over the weekend of March 24th/25th. Only the winner of the group would be promoted to the Premier League next season. The opposition was provided by Derbyshire, Lancashire and Northumbria. Fortunately, we were able to field our strongest squad of 7 players, Robert Forde (former World Over 45’s Champion), myself (Cheshire Champion and England international), Geoff Walton (2010 Cheshire Champion), Alex Harris (the youth policy, only just 55), Rod Boswell (British Open, European Open and British Closed Over 65’s Champion and England international), Terry Norman (German Open Over 60’s Champion and Irish international) and John Duckworth (former England international and former Cheshire Champion). This all looked good on paper but would it prove to be?

Our first match was against Northumbria and we fielded what I considered to be a sufficiently strong team to win of Robert, myself, Geoff, Alex and Terry. This proved to be the case and we won the match comfortably 5-0 with all matches either 3-0 or 3-1.

The second match on Saturday afternoon was against Derbyshire, with whom we had a narrow 3-2 win in the Stage 1 fixture before Christmas. Alex was carrying a calf injury and I decided to rest him and bring in Rod (the Peter Pan of Cheshire squash, he gets better with age). The first two legs saw Geoff win a fairly comfortable 3-1 and Terry lose a  tight match 3-2  after coming from 2-0 down.

Robert then went on and won his customary 3-0 without too much trouble. Myself and Rod were on at the same time with the match very much in the balance. I was 2-1 down and Rod stood at 2-2.  Fortunately, Rod came through 3-2 as I lost 3-1 against Neil Nightingale, a good friend with whom I have had many close battles.

At the end of 2 matches we were in first position. There was much discussion (in the bar) on Saturday night as to the line up we should field against Lancashire on Sunday morning. Terry was returning to Somerset in a pre-arranged agreement.

Robert advised Alex not to risk a more serious injury to his leg. Therefore we went with Robert, myself, Geoff, Rodney and John (3 matches since Christmas).

John worked out that we needed 7 points to finish in 1st position. He won the first game at Number 5, then understandably running out of steam.

Robert won 3-0 dropping just 6 points, I won 3-1, Geoff won 3-0 and Rodney 3-1.

As a result, we finished 1st with 55 points, 22 points clear of Derbyshire and we can look forward to next season in the Premier League.

My thanks to Robert (a class act and a committed supporter of Cheshire squash), Alex (for his enthusiasm, team support and marking), Geoff (produced a consistently high standard of squash all week-end), Terry (for his continued commitment in travelling from Somerset to play for Cheshire),Rodney (I never ceased to be amazed by the standard of squash he produces)

John (for his team support, marking and commitment to the cause)

Crewe Vagrants Squash Club hosted an inter-county event for the first time. The courts were excellent, as was the hospitality. Hopefully we will hold more events there in the future.

Mick Broomhall     20/4/12



Inter County 2011/12

Just a brief 5,000 word summary of the over 60s inter county matches played  at Stourbridge last weekend. We were playing in the Division 1 promotion group,  which meant that we had to win the weekend matches to gain promotion, back into  the Premier groups.


Worcester were the hosts, with Cheshire, Dorset and Kent the visitors. This  is a 3 man team event and we took our strongest squad of 4, i.e. Mick  no-backhand Broomhall, Terry Leprechaun Norman, Paul Electric Rat Vale and  myself, Rod Old Fart Boswell.

We did not know the strengths of the other teams, so we decided to play  Mick, Terry and myself in our 1st match against Kent, the cunning plan was to  get a good start!! I scraped a 3 - 0 win, then Mick, playing at 1 string,  had a terrific battle with his opponent. He was match ball down on a number of  occasions, but managed a 9 -7 win in the 5th - never in doubt!! Terry then  played at 2 string and became frustrated with his opponent, as he kept hitting  winners from all over the court. Is that allowed, I will check the rules!. Terry  lost a very close match 2 - 3, but we had the achieved a vital team win.  Meanwhile, Worcester beat Dorset 2 - 1, all the matches going to 3 - 2 in  games.

Then after a long discussion, we decided to rest Terry for the teatime  match. I played at 2 and scraped another 3 - 0 win, Paul played at 3 and  trounced his opponent 3 - 0. Mick had a tough game and despite being tired from  the previous game, managed a 3 - 1 win. Another team win, dropping only 1  point to Dorset. Meanwhile, Worcester, with 2 fresh players, thrashed Kent 2 - 1, all the matches going to 3 - 2 again!.

So Saturday evening saw us preparing mentally for the Sunday morning  match against unbeaten Worcester. We kept down the consumption of red wine to 4  bottles each and only 2 brandys apiece (if only!!). Our match against Worcester  turned out to be  a bit of an anti climax, as Terry and I won 3 - 0 fairly  comfortably while Mick had a bit of a battle before winning 3 - 1. So we won all  3 matches and won the group comfortably.

We now look forward to the next over 60s stage matches in the  autumn when the squad will be strengthened by the inclusion of John Slimboy  Duckworth and Geoff Mr Magic Walton.

(Mind you, the newcomers may have to bribe the captain to gain a place in  the starting line up, as sometimes, it is best not to split up a winning  team!!!!! - my bank account details are...........).

I would like to thank Mick, Terry and Paul for supporting, playing and  winning.

I would also like to thank Andrew Nickeas for organising Cheshire kit for  the occasion. We looked the part! Hopefully, you will have a team photo as an  attachment.




Report from last season

Northern Cup Victory!

Just a brief 5,000 thousand word summary describing Cheshire's victory in the Over 60s Northern Cup !!!!!

This is the annual 5 man team competition between, Lancashire, two teams from Yorkshire and ourselves.

We played Lancashire at Rochdale on 29th January and won 4 - 1. Our team was Mick Broomhall, Colin Elson, Paul Vale, Bill Wilson and Johnathan Firth. This was an excellent win as Lancashire put out a strong team. Our only loser was Colin who came up against a very strong player, Dave Scurlock, who recently lost in the over 65s British Closed championships final at Sports City. Meanwhile, Yorkshire Tykes lost to Yorkshire White Rose 1 - 4.

Then on to Saturday 9th April at Bowdon. Cheshire played Yorkshire White Rose and thrashed them 3 - 2!! Terry won 3 - 0 at a canter (1 string), Johnathan had a really tough 5th string game and won 3 - 1 (then rested for 4 days!!!!!), Bill lost 1 - 3 at 3 string against a gentleman that would not stop running, John Cunningham had a tremendous game at 4 string. Although he lost 1 - 3, all the game scores were very close and his opponent was 'spent' after his efforts. The final match was mine at 2 string. I absolutely murdered my opponent (3 - 2, 9 - 7 in the 5th). The outcome was never in doubt!!!! So we won the match 3 - 2. Meanwhile Lancashire lost to Yorkshire Tykes 2 - 3.

At this point, Cheshire are looking good, but then we had to play Yorkshire Tykes who had brought a tough team. The tension mounts!

Johnathan went on first at 5 string and lost 0 - 3 to undoubtedly the strongest number 5 competing that weekend. Terry played at 1 string and eased through 3 - 0 (again!). I then played my match at 2 string, and would you believe it, thrashed my opponent 3 - 2! Bill was next up at 3 string and found his 7th wind after his earlier match to win well 3 - 0. John C had yet another really close game but just lost 2 - 3. However, we had won the match 3 - 2.

Meanwhile Lancashire lost 1 - 4 to Yorkshire White Rose.

So Cheshire won the cup back after a gap of 2 years, White Rose were 2nd, Tykes were 3rd and Lancs were 4th.

I would like to thank all the players for turning out and bringing the cup back to Cheshire. Special thanks to Jonathan F for turning out at 1 days notice, and John C for turning out at 1 hours notice!!!!!!! Also to Bill for providing professionally produced score sheets and for generally keeping the score sheets filled in. Thanks to Terry for travelling from the deep south of Cheshire (Bridgewater, Somerset actually).

Finally I would like to thank the Bowdon club for the hire of their courts and their catering manager who provided excellent food, just at the right time.

The captains and players of all three counties involved over the weekend are pleased to keep this event going and are encouraged by the quality and quantity of players over the age of 60 who are still very keen to play. Long may the event continue!!!!


That's all for now. See you soon



Inter County Finals 2012


Ladies Team - Inter County Champions


Men's Team - Inter County Runners Up


What an achievement for Cheshire!


Men’s and Women’s Inter County Finals 28-29 April



Round One

Hertfordshire v Cheshire



Quite a surprise in this first round match, when one of the favourites for the title Hertfordshire lost to Cheshire. Sean Hunter got Cheshire off to a great start when he edged out Herts Captain Marc Woolhead 3-2, after being 2 down. First string Andy Whipp beat Chris Ryder 3-1 and Matt Lowery beat Adam Fuller 3-0 in the 3rd string match. Nick Mulvey salvaged some pride for Hertfordshire, beating Rob Taylor 3-1 at 4th string and newly crowned British Under 23 champion Adrian Waller beat Adam

Murrills 3-0 in the 2nd string encounterQuite a surprise in this first round match, when one of the favourites for the title Hertfordshire lost to Cheshire. Sean Hunter got

Cheshire off to a great start when he edged out Herts Captain Marc Woolhead 3-2, after being 2 down. First string Andy Whipp beat Chris Ryder 3-1 and Matt Lowery beat Adam Fuller 3-0 in the 3rd string match. Nick Mulvey salvaged some pride for Hertfordshire, beating Rob Taylor 3-1 at 4th string and newly crowned British Under 23 champion Adrian Waller beat Adam Murrills 3-0 in the 2nd string encounter





Cheshire v Surrey

Cheshire's men, perhaps surprise finalists took on 10times previous winners and current holders Surrey.  Jamie Matthews got Surrey off to a great

start with a tight win over Cheshire's 5th String Mike Potter taking it 11/5 in the 5th in a match lasting 50 minutes. Neil Frankland then put Surrey in a

commanding position when he beat 3rd string Rob Taylor 11/3 11/5 11/5. Cheshire's Sean Hunter and Andy Whipp looked to keep the tie alive for Cheshire

when they stepped on court but Surrey's World number 65 Joe Lee dispatched Whipp in 3 games giving Surrey victory and despite having match ball in the 5th

at 10/4 up, Sean Hunter eventually lost to surreys James Simpson of Surrey 13/11 in the 5th. World Number 88 Charles Sharpes put the icing on the cake

beating Cheshire's Adam Murrills 3-0. Surrey not only retained their title, making it three in a row and also chalked up their 11th victory in 13 years –

an outstanding achievement



Round One

Cheshire v Nottinghamshire

Cheshire set up a 2nd round match with Yorkshire as they also won comfortably against Nottinghamshire  without dropping a game, it was 3-0 all the way with wins for Emily Whitlock v Rachel Pullen, Laura Mylotte v Hannah Covey, Rachel Chadwick v Alison Goy, Kirsty West v Rachel Rinkavage and Olivia Hall v Toni Marsland

Cheshire 5 Nottinghamshire 0


Cheshire v Warwickshire

Last year's winners Warwickshire took on Cheshire in the final. 5th String Olivia Howell and 3rd string Rachel Chadwick got Cheshire off to a flying start both winning 3-0 against their respective opponents Rachel Woolford and Chloe Pearson. Kirsty West stepped on court knowing that a win would guide her team to their first ever senior Inter County title, and she didn't let the side down beating Jemma Holt 3-0 in just 18 minutes. Victory for Cheshire! Despite the remaining 2 matches of the tie being dead rubbers for the Warwickshire there was still some squash to be played. First on court was the match between current European U19 Champion and world No31 Emily Whitlock (Cheshire) and World No. 24 Emma Beddoes; Whitlock took the first 2 matches quite comfortably before Beddoes pulled one back in the 3rd. Disaster then struck the number 1 string for Warwickshire when she had to admit defeat in the 4th retiring due to illness gifting Whitlock the win. Warwickshire's 2nd string and current British U23 Champion Sarah Jane Perry then faced Cheshire's Laura Mylotte in last match of the tie. Mylotte came back bravely from 2 games down, but Perry held her nerve to win the match 3-2 in 33 minutes - 5/11, 9/11, 11/4, 11/4, 4/11.


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